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Treatments & Pricing 

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Initial Consultation (New to the clinic)

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Price includes most general treatments.
Some specialist services will incur an additional cost

  • A full medical history will be taken including any previous medical conditions or surgery.

  • A full list of prescription medication will be taken

  • A neurological assessment will be taken which looks for any deficiencies in sensation perception.

  • A vascular assessment; including palpation of pulses and a doppler test. We will also do a visual check of lower limb health.

  • Discussion of treatment options and agreeing a treatment plan.

  • Treatment if routine care required

  • Letter to GP (if required)

Foot Massage

Routine Treatment (existing patients)


Routine treatments at Tamar Valley Podiatry involve an appointment time of up to 40 minutes. Included in this are;  nail cutting, nail reduction, corns and callus. Included is a short foot massage with your choice of a hydrating Gehwol foot cream.


Nail Cutting

Included in routine treatment cost

If you are suffering from problem toenails or have mobility problems preventing you from cutting them yourself we can provide a comprehensive nail cutting service. This is especially important for patients with diabetes who need to be extra cautious and may be nervous cutting their own toenails due to the risk of ulceration and amputations.


Cracked Heels 

Included in routine treatment cost

Cracked heels (fissures) and split callus can be particularly painful, unsightly and difficult to manage at home. At Tamar Valley Podiatry we have the skills to tackle this problem and can provide advice for you to mange this at home to prevent reoccurrence.


Fungal Nails

Some fungal nail treatments incur an additional charge.
5 minute fungal test £44
Fenestration £20

Fungal nails (onychomycosis) is a very common condition where toenails become yellowed and thickened, sometimes they can become crumbly and break/fall off.


Toenail fungus is notoriously difficult to treat and unfortunately the paint on lacquers provided by GPs rarely have any effect on this stubborn fungus as the fungus actually lies in the skin under the nail.  At Tamar Valley Podiatry we can use a technique known as 'fenestration' where we make micro holes into the nail (painless) enabling a topical antifungal medicine to reach the infected area.

If the infection has spread too far and the whole nail is affected we can complete nail surgery, a minor procedure to remove the nail completely and then either allow the nail to grow back whilst treating with an topical antifungal treatment or stop the nail regrowing completely.


Alternatively a referral to the GP can be made for oral antifungal tablets. GPs often require evidence that there is indeed a fungal infection of the nail in order to prescribe antifungals, in this case Tamar Valley Podiatry can conduct a 5 minute fungal test for the presence of fungus, and a letter to the GP to confirm the result.

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Thickened Problem Toenails

Included in routine appointment

Nails can become thickened due to a variety of reasons, which include nail fungus, inflammatory arthritis, diabetes or repeated trauma/pressure. You may be finding managing and cutting these nails difficult or they may be causing you pain or embarrassment.


At Tamar Valley Podiatry we can provide specialist nail cutting and reduction techniques to reduce the pain and thickness. With extensive experience in this area you can be assured we have seen it all and there is no cause for embarrassment!


Pedisafe Nail Reconstruction

Specialist treatment from £66 depending on number of nails 

If you have previously damaged your nails, they are unsightly due to a fungal infection or have previously had a nail removal we can use Pedisafe nail reconstruction system to reconstruct the nail to give the effect of a healthy nail which can last for up to 8 weeks. This state of the art medical grade polygel has been specially formulated for application onto toenails. The finished natural nail can also be painted or have a gel polish applied. 


Nail Surgery

Specialist treatment from £380

Sometimes despite regular treatment and maintenance minor surgery may be needed to correct or remove problem or ingrowing toenails.


We can do this either by removing a small part of the nail or the whole nail and it will be completely painless due to the injection of a local anaesthetic.


This of course can be provided free of charge through the NHS, however some clients may not wish to join a waiting list for this and require surgery sooner. We can offer this service and follow up appointments as a complete package if required.


Corns & Callus

Included in routine treatment

Corns and callus are areas of hardened skin which generally build up over pressure points on the feet or from repeated friction or poorly fitting footwear.

Corns tend to appear on digits, between the toes and are small, hard with a definite centre. Callus is more diffuse and tends to be on the soles of the feet. Both can be painful and can be safely treated at Tamar Valley Podiatry.



Specialist Treatment from £20(additional cost)

Like fungal nails, verruca or plantar warts can be stubborn to treat and cause pain and embarrassment. 

Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV); this clever virus can remain undetected by the immune system for many years meaning your verruca may persist for a long time. 

There is no exact science around verruca treatment; although there are a variety of treatments we can try to encourage the immune system to recognise the virus and eradicate it. 

The most effective treatment with a 75% success rate over 3 treatments is Faulkner's Needling Technique. This technique involves numbing the verruca with a local anaesthetic and puncturing it multiple times to push the virus into the blood stream to allow the immune system to recognise and eradicate it. 

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