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What is podiatry?

Podiatry is a medical specialism focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the foot. Podiatrists have to complete rigourous training at degree level in order to practice in the UK.

Chiropodist or podiatrist- what's the difference?

Not much! Chiropody is the old term for what is now known as Podiatry. To use this title the clinician must have completed either a Diploma in Podiatric Medicine, a Bachelor of Science in Podiatric Medicine or a Bachelor of Science in Podiatry AND be registered with the HCPC.

I'm a diabetic, can you treat me?

Yes! It is extra important to see a HCPC registered professional for your foot care due to the added risk which come with diabetic feet.

Can i have treatment through the NHS?

You are more than welcome to use the NHS for Podiatry if the treatment you require is available. Many people see a private Podiatrist due to the lack of NHS services for things such as nail cutting, veruccas and fungal nail treatment. There will be occassions where NHS treatment will be more suitable for you (for example if you have an ulcer which requires weekly dressings) in cases like these please be assured you will be referred to the NHS immediately.

What conditions do you treat?

We can treat most common (and some not so common) foot complaints. We know the limitations of practice and can refer you on to the most appropriate person as required. Having worked in the NHS for a number of years you can be assured we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to feet. Even if you have a painful foot but don't know what is causing it, Tamar Valley Podiatry has the expertise to diagnose, treat and prevent further problems.

There are people providing similar services by charging less why is this?

As with all professions you will find a range of prices. Podiatry fees in general are very competitive for a medical service. Tamar Valley Podiatry's prices reflect the level of training, experience and knowledge obtained over the past 10 years including our commitment to highest standards of sterilisation, hygiene and ongoing training.
As with everything it is always worth shopping around not only for the best price but also the best service.

What is a foot health practitioner/ professional?

You may have seen Foot Health Practitioners advertising their services. At first glance, with many impressive letters after their name they can often appear to be fully qualified Podiatrists. Unfortunately this is not the case. Podiatrists/Chiropodists have to undertake 1500 hours of clinical practice over the 3 years they train, in comparison to foot health practitioners who undertake a short distance learning course with just a few hours of practical training.

For foot health practitioners there is no governing body setting standards meaning if something goes wrong there is no one to report to. Podiatrists are state registered and governed by the HCPC meaning we must adhere to strict hygiene guidelines and continue to improve our knowlege and skills in the subject of Podiatry and foot health.

Will my treatment be painful?

Most patients arrive at the clinic in pain and leave pain free! That being said some treatments can be a little uncomfortable, however you can be assured we will go at a pace which suits you and always stop if needed. We can always discuss your concerns prior to treatments.

Nail surgery is a procedure to remove part of or the whole of a troublesome nail. This is done under a local anaesthetic so the nail surgery procedure itself is completely painless. For more information on nail surgery at Tamar Valley Podiatry please visit the nail surgery page. 

Do you do nail surgery?

What is involved with nail surgery?

Yes we do. Many people prefer to use a private Podiatrist for nail surgery because they do not want to endure waiting times often experienced in the NHS. More information on nail surgery, including the price can be found on the 'services' page.

Do you have parking?

Parking is available in the two council car parks directly opposite the clinic and next door to the clinic. The B&M car park (opposite) gives you one hour for free which is plenty of time for most appointments. You must display a ticket for that free hour.

We have a very small half step into the clinic from the pavement outside. A ramp is available if required.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes we are fully insured with public liability insurance through the Royal College of Podiatrists

What are your hygiene procedures?

Are you insured?


Like all medical professionals Tamar Valley Podiatry adheres to strict sterilisation and hygiene standards to reduce the risk of cross contamination. These include sterilisation of all instruments, cleaning down in between patients and wearing PPE (gloves apron and mask) at all times during treatment.

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